For the first time in over a decade, District 4 will choose a new Vice President.

As such, our District will need a new leader who’s able to face the continuing challenges of its Locals. We need a leader who not only brings real experience to the table but also one who has the energy and vision to take our District to another level.

Joe Galli is that leader!

  • At the Local level, he’s fought aggressively for the benefits of all members of Local 439.
  • For the AFFI, he’s served on several committees and currently chairs the groundbreaking Resiliency Committee.
  • In our District, he has worked behind the scenes as an Assistant District Vice President for Matt Olson for over 2 years.

For 20 years, Joe Galli has put in the work and gained the experience needed for this job.
He has done the reps and is ready to work at a moment’s notice.

Vote Joe for AFFI District 4 VP!

Proven Leadership Proven Results Ready to work TODAY!